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Colossal Word Search  v.2 1

Colossal Word Search is the classic word search. Colossal Word Search offers something for both the new and experienced player. Easily Create and Print-out Wedding, Birthday and Holiday Puzzles for that special occasion.

Word Search Construction Kit  v.

Word Search Construction Kit is a great tool for educators, students, publishers, corporate trainers and puzzle enthusiasts to quickly produce professional looking puzzles.


Britannica Word Search  v.

This is a game where you have to put your knowledge of words into play. Britannica Word Search has fun, challenging puzzles for everyone, stuffed with exciting twists and varied play.

Word Search Puzzles  v.7 8

Solve word search puzzles on your computer, print them out for solving elsewhere or save them for finishing later. There are also options for changing colors, fonts and the circling method. You can also choose not to have the word list displayed.

Super Word Search Maker  v.5.0.8

Super Word Search Maker is a computer tool designed for teachers and word search enthusiasts that lets you make custom word search puzzles. Create professional word searches with Super Word Search Maker today!

Word Search Printer  v.3 2

Word Search Printer is an easy to use program that creates and prints custom word search puzzles for education or entertainment purposes. The program includes many options for customizing the puzzles, and includes ready-to-use templates.

Word Search Wizard  v.1 35

Word Search Wizard is a fantastic resource of puzzles. A wide range of styles, adjustable for age and ability. Print puzzle for a group of 40 people, each with a different solution. Comes with over 2000 lists of words. Word Search Wizard is very

Word Search and Replace Tool  v.

Word Search and Replace Tool is an efficient software tool adept at finding and replacing words and phrases in Word files. The software can find and replace multiple words and phrases in multiple word files. This software supports various languages.

DocuGrab Word Search and View  v.1.4.1

Find word matches in PDF, Word documents in a split second. Handles millions of words and 1000's of documents. Fast, like an online search. A dictionary helps you find the word you want. A hover or click on the list displays the document in a flash.

Dougs Word Search  v.2.0.2

Create and play your own customized word search puzzles or download puzzles (by the author and other users) from the web directly into the program. Play it "On-Screen" or "On-Paper".

Word Search Lite  v.

This is the Lite version of WordSearch, with less features and categories than the Pro version. WordSearch is an adaptation of the classic word search game, where you should form valid words from the matrix of letters on the screen. The objective of

Word Search and Replace Utility  v.3.5.2

This software tool is very adept at carrying out Find and Replace and formatting tasks in multiple word files at one go. It helps the user to find and replace word and phrases and carry out different formatting tasks. It supports different languages.

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